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Find Your Calm

Come play with clay in a socially distanced way!

A membership designed with you in mind.

A whole new studio set up.

We rethought our entire workshop space, from wheel layout to our new membership system to safely serve you as best we can in these times.

How it works:

Your favorite workshop staff and awesome teachers are here. Each membership includes a 3 hour class each week


You choose which class time is included in your membership

Social Distance

Individual workstations are arranged ten feet apart


Shared tools and workstations are sanitzed between uses


Reserve a workstation in advance so you can count on it being there for you when you need it

Tool Kits

Individual tool kits are available, and space will be set aside for you to store your tools

Safe Zone

One workstation availible for those at risk to come and work with clay with no other humans around.

Three easy steps:

Reserve your spot today!

Become a member today, and you will receive a free bag of clay!

Membership Options

All your needs included!


Want no frills or perks, just the ability to sign up for a class, or purchase studio hours?


~ Weekly class

~ 1 bag of clay

~ 4 studio hours


~ Weekly class

~ 2 bags of clay

~ 8 studio hours

Why become a member?

We all need a little more calm right now, so we created a way for you to get back into the studio again!

our memberships allow for socially distanced clay play, sanitization between each use, and bundling all your needs together with awesome savings.

When you become a member today, you will recieve a free bag of clay!

Who should become a member?

Anyone who wants access to the studio!

If you love the workshop and want to play with clay, check out the details below and choose the best fit for you!

Have questions? Let us know!

Don’t take our word

for it.

Membership Details:


this membership is just what it sounds like, no frills or perks, just simple class time, three hours a week.


 Just a class or reserve a wheel for a bit. No extra cost or commitment. No savings either though.

Starting at $210.00


This membership gives you amazing value on your studio essentials, class, clay and a little studio time.


~ 1 Weekly class

~ 1 bag of clay

~ 10% off the the online shop

Plus four hours of open studio access per month

$300 value!



Know you’ll need a little more clay and studio time than our basic membership? This one is for you!


~ 1 Weekly class

~ 2 bags of clay

~ 15% off the online shop

Plus eight hours of open studio access per month

$400 value!


*private workstation available for reservation with a $20 per hour cost.

** Studio Hours don’t expire, will be redeemed via your membership site, no cash or punch card handling required.

***Memberships run on a monthly basis with a reoccurring monthly charge. Initial membership commitment is three months, cancel anytime after your initial three month commitment, or stick around for more exclusive member perks and continued access to the studio.

Join us in the Workshop Mpls community as we transition to a new reservation system for safe clay play!

– Jennie & the workshop team